The Guide

Chapter 1: Trademark Basics

Understand the basics of trademarks, and how they apply to picking a name and logo for your project.

Chapter 2: Choosing a Name or Logo

What should you think about when picking a name and why, along with some helpful techniques and tips.

Chapter 3: Clearing a Trademark

What is 'clearing' a trademark, and when should you do it?

Chapter 4: Trademark Ownership

Who actually owns a trademark for a project and other considerations for community projects.

Chapter 5: Registerting your Trademark

What's the difference between "registered" and "unregistered" trademarks, and what's the benefit of registering?

Chapter 6: Commercializing your Project

If monetization is an option, what else should you consider for your projects?

Chapter 7: Someone Else is Using your Trademark

Determine your strategy for enforcing your rights againts those infringing on your trademark.

Chapter 8: Balancing Sharing v. Protecting

How do you balance wanting people to use your code with protecting your trademarks?